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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Our Weekends are held at Camp Cedaredge

Camp Cedaredge is located between Cedaredge and Grand Mesa. The elevation is above 6000 feet. Our weekends are in the Spring and Fall. The weather is unpredictable during these seasons. We have encountered warm sunny days to snow on the ground. We recommend dressing in layers for your comfort. Because of the altitude, hydration is important. Wildlife is abundandt in the area. We have seen deer, elk, wild turkeys, and black bears to name a few. The view from the camp is breathtaking.


Emergency Weekend Phone Number(s): Available from 5pm Thur to 6pm Sun 

   Mens Weekend       #25 - September 14th -17th  -      Travis Oest      860-662-3248  

 Womens Weekend    #24 - September 21st - 24th  -  Desiree Bielfuss  425-280-5726